Why Khojodpay?

Khojodpay offers a single point where you can make your payment and get your account automatically updated. It also offers proven online payment channels to ensure that you dont have challenges in the course of making your payment.

Who owns Khojodpay?

Khojodpay is owned by Khojod Ventures (BN 2485581).

What is the Physical Address?

The registered address is 10/14 Unity Road, Ilorin, Kwara State.

How to reach Khojodpay

You can reach Khojodpay via email: support@khojodpay.com or by phone 08034008366.

What is the refund policy for goods and services delivered?

Send mail to support@khojodpay.com. Ensure that the mail contains complete description of the goods and/or services; full transaction details; your detailed contact information; and the reason for the refund. Once the mail is received, our support team will call you verifications and discussions after which refund action is established. Refund action is completed 7 days after the date of the receipt of your mail.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Kindly be guided by the Terms, Conditions and Policies of Flutterwave Terms and Conditions and that of Paystack Privacy and Terms.

What are the requirements to use Card?

Your card must be enabled for online transactions. In addition to this, the card must be enabled for 3D authentication. If you are in doubt of these, please, viti your bank to verify.

What are the requirements to use Online Bank Transfers?

Beside the fact that there will be OTP authentication, it is required that you know your BVN and your date of birth which must comply with that of the BVN.

What do I do when debited but value not given?

Kindly wait for 24 hours. If at the end of the 24 hours and value is still not given, then send mail to support@khojodpay.com. You will be attended to within 2 hours.

I was debited twice for a transaction, what do I do?

Send mail to support@khojodpay.com. Refund would me made instantly once this is verified to be true.